Why I Like The Bikini Body Guide

posted on 06 Jun 2016 18:22 by stephencurry

Being in the best shape is every woman's dream. So many women walk in the streets in outfits that will conceal parts of their bodies which they are not happy with. Kayla's bikini body guide and the H.E.L.P. nutrition guide help women to prevent weight gains and unnecessary fatty tissues on them. Kayla Itsines is a certified personal trainer from Australia who has expertise in the fitness field. She came up with the plan herself to help fellow women address problem areas on their bodies like inner thighs, toned arms, flat stomachs.

The Bikini Body Guide starts with a 12 week program and also has an extended 12 week program after completion of the first set. It is accompanied by a clean eating plan on how to eat properly, control portion intake and establish an eating plan. Exercising using the bikini body work out plan and following the diet lifestyle helps achieve the best results that I am happy with. Well, Kayla's plan targets women across the globe and is only an instant download away. Over one million women continue to use the program since they are happy with the results.

There are other products out there in the market that help achieve weight loss, they range from diet supplements sold in form of pills(to burn fats) to rigid work out routine videos found on the YouTube. These are alternatives but also have flaws since if you are able to follow the regular routine and by chance you have a busy schedule and forget a number of pills or interfere with your daily work out routine, you will gain a few pounds there.

With the BBG kayla itsines workouts, the nutrition plan and work out exercises go hand in hand. The Bikini body bundle has a lot of pros:

No starvation diets since there is a 5 meal plan throughout the day with healthy meals which are also delicious. The exercises are easy to manage since they are outlined from beginner exercises to high end exercises. There are high intensity workouts (push ups, jumping to squats) and also low intensity work outs (walking,biking to yoga). There are exact directions of task to be done and also meals to be prepared. I like this one personally. The workout exercises are short, within 30 minutes in a day and six days a week. It is easy to fit this even in a busy schedule especially for mothers who are taking care of their babies, when they sleep maybe. The workouts can be done anywhere, no need to access a gym facility.

Although the program is beneficial to a large extent, I found it a bit costly since one has to purchase the work out guide, nutrition plan which is accompanied by the recipe guide. For the work outs one has to purchase equipments to follow these work outs along, the mats, benches(but you can improvise this with steps) and also dumbbells unless you go to your nearest gym (but I though the main idea of this plan is to work at home). The cravings of snacks and junks I was used to is another challenge especially before you are used to the routine.

Most women sit behind their computers in search of various ways to lose weight and also a good weight loss plan. Kayla Itsines targets these women with her easy but effective work out plan and healthy nutrition guide. It is possible to combine a good work out plan and healthy lifestyle to achieve a body that will make you smile when you look into the mirror.

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